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www.8thcontinent.com - 8th Continent Complete Getaway. I've you heard about this product for me to be completely honest have never heard about this product, before maybe the fact that I don't drink Soy Milk, I still prefer the old and good taste of my 2 liter fresh low fat carton milk. But I heard that this product (soy milk) is extremely good for health. Anyway that's not the reason of this post, what I wanted to tell is that this Soy Milk company at 8thcontinent.com is offering an interesting sweepstakes " The 8th Continent Complete Getaway at Loews Luxury Resorts - Where is Your 8th Continent? " To win the Where is Your 8th Continent? you must submit a photo showing 8th Continent. Important your 8th continent can be anywhere. The more unique, obscure, beautiful or interesting the place is, the better your chance of winning. Your 8th Continent-Wherever that may be. This contest ends September 18th, 2009 at 5pm PST.

The Prize: Your 8th Continent Complete Getaway, for a family of four (4) includes:

* 3-Days; 2-Nights at any Loews Hotel
* 1 complete Spa Treatment
* 1 complete round of Golf
* 6 Meals per person
* $250 spending money
* Airfare for family of four (4)

Check www.8thcontinent.com for official rules.

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