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www.playatmcd.com - Monopoly.promotions.com - Mc donalds Monopoly. This is the official website URL of Mc Donalds' Monopoly Game Promotion. Mc Donalds Monopoly Game is a sweepstakes advertising promotion from McDonald's restaurant and Hasbro games that started in the year 1987. Since then, each year McDonald’s runs its very popular Monopoly game (playatmcd.com) where you get a Monopoly property sticker with selected items that you buy. If you get all the properties in a the same color group, you get to win that cash prize. Great great Prizes like every day during the period sweepstakes game this year from Sep. 27 to November 05, 2011, McDonald we’ll be giving an Online player the chance to win $1 MILLION dollar cash MONOPOLY Game at McDonald’s $1 MILLION* Dice Roll! See McDonalds Sweepstakes Administration Section for the official rules. Monopoly Game at McDonald's. This year, there is also an online game. Each game piece has an 11-digit code which can be entered online at www.playatmcd.com for "a second chance to win. Other great prizes also 2012 Nissan LEAF Car or a wonderful Caribbean vacation - Beaches Resorts Vacation. And a $10,000 CASHstakes. They also have a lot of In-Store – Instant Win Prizes moreover a $100,000 cash, free McDonald's food prizes, and much, much more!. Don't miss Mc Donalds Monopoly game this year. For more information about the game or the sweepstakes rules please visit Mc Donald Monopoly official website at playatmcd.com. Good luck! - My Coke Rewards


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i had Indiana an it was counted i only needed one more to win!!!!!!!!