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Mc Donald Monopoly Game - The majority of the people among us seem very happy when we get just one free quarter pounder along with some cheese. That’s why this article tells you about some free McDonald's Monopoly game facts. This game is about winning heaps of prizes – and how about $1 million bucks?

The Monopoly game of McDonald's ( is actually a type of sweepstakes advertisement promotion from the house of McDonald's as well as Hasbro. This game is offered in many countries, which includes the US, Canada, Germany, the UK, France, Portugal, and Australia.

For winning, you’ll usually have to find your instant win piece. Alternatively, you have to amass all of a single group of streets/railroads. There is 1 piece in every group which is tough to find. But when you manage to get the piece, it’s fairly easy to find the other two.

This year, Mc Donald Monopoly game made it’s entry at top gear and as always, the legendary McDonald's is showing off it’s financial muscles by rewarding winners with prizes worth millions of bucks in this high voltage fun sweepstakes. Not to mention that this’ll include some great "food" gifts as well!

The trick remains in knowing which particular game pieces pose challenge as rare ones. And you also have to recognize the ones that are pretty common. A very easy trick to recall is - the rare property is almost always the alphabetical last among any set of Monopoly properties. But Bordwalk is an exception, and is the final property on this board.

To get a clearer idea, here’re a few instances of the rare game pieces:

Mcdonalds Monopoly rare

• Boardwalk – is worth 1,000,000 bucks
• Pennsylvania Ave - is worth 50,000 bucks
• Ventor Ave – is worth 25,000 bucks
• Kentucky Ave – is worth 10,000 bucks
• Tennessee Ave – is worth 5,000 bucks
• Virginia Ave – is worth 2,000 bucks
• Vermont Ave - is worth 1,000 bucks
• Short Line railroad – is worth 500 bucks
• Mediterranean Ave – is worth 100 bucks
• Water Works utility – is worth 50 bucks

In addition to these, there are loads of food items come that come with Monopoly sweepstakes pieces. Good examples are Medium & Large Fountain Drinks/Coffees, Hash browns, Large French Fries or Premium Chicken Sandwiches and so on!

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