Www.McDonalds.com/McNuggets - McDonalds McNuggets SaucyScore Giveaway

www.McDonalds.com/McNuggets - McDonalds McNuggets SaucyScore Giveaway. Do you enjoy sauces at Mc Donald every time you order those delicious Chicken Mc Nuggets. But what kind of sauces do you like the most? I mean the one who you find irresistible, the one that tickle your taste buds. I mean those delicious crispy outside, tender and juicy inside chicken McNuggets can't be the same without sauces. Well for a limited time sauces is king at Mc Donald with McDonald's FastFood Restaurant new sweepstakes giveaway at McDonald’s.com/McNuggets or McDonalds Twitter page - twitter.com/mcdonalds. At either one of those addresses you will find the McDonalds McNuggets SaucyScore Giveaway game where you can play the game and try to get the highest score. Indeed you can dip your way to the top of the game. The Grand Prize winner will get a promotion T‐Shirt & a Chicken McNuggets BOG. You can tweet your score with hashtag #SaucyScore for a chance to win the Mc Donald's weekly giveaway. Good luck to all contestant may the sauce be with you! Contest giveaway ends on July 1, 2011. Please always take time to read the rules first before entering any contest or sweepstake.

McDonalds #SaucyScore Contest

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