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Kraft foods recipes - When you want to make a special meal for special people in order to create a lasting impression, I advise you choose recipes from Kraft food recipes at or in their Kraft food family magazine and you will get everyone singing your praises after the meal. When you think of cooking, one major thing you need to think about is your health. Read on……

Dinner time is also a very important time of the day because, apart from breakfast it is when the whole family comes together again after a hard day’s work either at school, work and so on. I therefore bring you one dinner recipe from Kraft food recipes. I hope you enjoy every bit of the cooking process and I want you to also learn that chicken can be used for many appetizing meals.

First of all, we are going to learn how to prepare creamy bacon with creamy chicken and penne recipe; the ingredients that will be needed for this meal are; four slices of Oscar Mayor Bacon, four small sizes of skinless boneless chicken breasts halves (1lb), two cups of fresh penne pasta, one and a half cup of Philadelphia Chive and Cream Cheese Spread (onion to be specific), three and a quarter cup of no fat reduced sodium chicken soup, one and a half cup of cherry tomatoes and a two halved chopped green onions.

After you’ve got all these ingredients and our utensils, it is time to cook so; we first have to wrap single bacon portions around each chicken breast, add chicken and put in an average temperature large nonstick skillet to avoid chicken from sticking, with a cover to cook. Cook for five to seven minutes until chicken is prepared. Remove chicken from skillet but cover to keep it warm. Throw away drippings in skillet. Cook pasta in a big pot as directed on pasta package but temporarily, broth and cream cheese spread in skillet until cream cheese is melted and paste is solid and well blended, mixing constantly with a whisk. Mix in tomatoes and onions; heat until it is heated through mixing regularly. Draw off pasta, go back to pan; add paste, mixed lightly. You can now serve meal with chicken (four servings).

This meal is not only easy and safe to prepare but is also nutritious because; there is less oil since chicken fat free. When you eat this kind of meals, you’re certain of a very healthy life. - Kraft

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