Rachel Ray Show Giveaway and Other Giveaway Shows

It is quite surprising the way in which a lot of shows are giving away prizes and loads of gifts. The Dr. Phil show for instance gives away free items to fire families in California. One thing you ask yourself is whether these disenfranchised and people are really being blessed by the shows. Consider a situation where I have lost my home in a catastrophic fire or any other kind of disaster, what will be the best item to soothe my pain? Would a camcorder, home theater system or a big LCD television set solve my problem? What will be the use of all these, if I do not possess a house to live in? Just one of such giveaways shows is the Rachel Ray show giveaway. Others include the Oprah Winfrey show and the Dr. Phil show.

All these shows present a unique opportunity for the participating companies to get advertising for free and possibly increase their sales during the Christmas season especially. With all the distorted faces that make up his television audience, Rachel Ray always presents her shows looking like Santa Claus.

The Rachel Ray show for instance gives away fantastic prizes to people randomly from the participating audience. These could include free electronic appliances and vacation trips. But imagine someone getting a Rachel Ray show giveaway only to get home and meet the same financial problems he is facing. For instance, someone gets a free cell phone from AT&T coupled with free service for two months. After getting this free giveaway, and the two months expire what is he supposed to do? People who do not even have bathtubs are given free expensive bathtub products to use. Even if these people give out these free items as gifts to friends or relatives, they still have to pay out gift tax. This is because as studio audience you are required to give out your name and social security number for tax purposes.

How good it will be if the Rachel Ray show gives away clothes, food, toys for the kids, money for utilities and rent for the poor people during the Christmas season. It could just be like the Extreme Home Makeover in which a mortgage agent gives you a new home and tops it up with the statement that the home has already been paid for. May be this will not help for pleasant TV viewing.

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Anonymous said...

they can sell it and then buy what they want. if someone doesn't have a bathtub then they must be pretty stinky. i mean come on...don't be so extreme. why in the world would someone without a bathtub be using an Internet account or going to a tv show? Shouldn't they be saving their money to take a bath?

It's great to feel sorry for others, but sometimes these other people--if they are indeed spending money in the wrong places--really need to wake up.