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www.subwaykids.com - Subway Kids Website. Subway has come up with a unique idea aimed at involving kids towards more healthy eating habits. Given the present situation, a majority of the kids belonging to the latest generation have little or no orientation at all about their health. Hence, Subway has determined to help parents understand what their kids require. A majority of the people have come to know that what is subwaykids.com and its objectives. The idea of implementation is fairly simple. It involves the release of an ad campaign that primarily consists of kids propagating about good eating habits. This concept has gained huge popularity in no time. subwaykids.com

There is a certain fraction of responsibility that Subway feels towards kids. This has led for the realization of a portal by the name - Subway Kids. Through the ad campaign, kids raise slogans that are targeted at the glorification of benefits that promote eating fresh. Initially, Subway was reluctant huge amounts of money on advertising that involved active participation of kids. It has changed its mindset later owing to the fact it realized later that kids are interested in Subway’s products on par with the elders. There is no doubt in accepting that this move of Subway has brought it laurels for the commendable job done for kids.

The entire ad revolves around six central characters played by kids. The names of these characters are Celeste, Cosmo, Floid, Flo and Mook. In fact, these characters are internationally famous now and are considered to be hugely popular on par with those characters from any comic strip. The only difference is the variations in the idea and its implementation. However, the question – What is www.subwaykids.com – still remains to be a puzzle for those who show no interest in the eating habits of kids. Subway intends to change the mindset of elders with innovative concepts such as the ad campaign of Subway Kids.

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