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www.myrz.com - Best Buy Rewards Program. The Best Buy reward Zone (www.myrz.com) has been doing a lot of great work. Of late, there are some changes that it implemented that did raise the jitters in many clients since they are bound to be inconvenienced by the services that are going to be provided. Here are some of the changes that have been done by this company.

The major changes about www.myrz.com rewards have been stopped from being sent through the mails. All the clients of this company are supposed to be getting the updates online. This company has given the reason that it wants to go green and hence they will not be sending any mails through post. However, critical observation of the matter is exposing that the move as intended to reduce the mailing costs that are incurred while sending letters to all the clients involved.

Another change about myrewardzone.bestbuy.com rewards that has been introduced is the blocking of transfer of these rewards to the third party.

Another change that has been put in place is that one will be required to make at least a RewardZone shopping spree at least once annually. This is however not much upsetting since they are free and you can register again.

The most hair rising change that has been introduced is the fact that a person who will not have attained the minimum points of 250 at the annual rewards time, they are going to withdraw all the points that you had and discard them forever. However, those who have the whole points are going to be given the whole amount in total. This is another clever way that this company is using to pull away funds that are going to save them a lot of money without a lot of complaints. One point is worth about 2 cents that seems too many people as little money. However, when these points are going to be put together, they are going to sum up to a lot of money that can profit a company - Bestbuy.com.

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