The Ellen Degeneres Show

The Ellen Degeneres show is an American TV talk show hosted by the famous actress and comedian Ellen Degeneres. The show is often shortened to Ellen and it’s currently on its 16th season having done over 1100 episodes since it began. One thing about the Ellen Degeneres show very popular is the fact that she is interesting and funny and also knows how to engage her guests.

The show usually features celebrity interviews, what’s topping the charts, games that audiences can participate in, musical performances, various segments of real life stories, talent shows etc. the combination of all these things in one show makes it quite attractive to all age groups hence its success. The other thing about the Ellen Degeneres show is that she always tries to make everyone, including the audience and those watching a part of the show.

Ellen always encourages viewers to send in their videos and letters. During the show, she may call viewers and also encourages people to leave voicemail messages. The comedian in her has made the show a family must watch. Unlike most talk shows, her show even has a house band, with a DJ. So far there have been four DJs. Before the start of every show, Ellen always dances with her audiences. She even has a signature dance where she dances across from her coffee table.

Another interesting thing about the Ellen Degeneres show is her catch phrases. One of the most popular is the ‘Kaaaa!’ a phrase she uses to calm her audience, usually when she is entering. People love her shows. Her show was inspired during the time she used to appear in her own sitcom ‘Ellen’, a comic show that ran on ABC in 1994 to 1998. She did stay out of the limelight for a while after ‘Ellen’ started getting fewer reviews. Her breakthrough came when she started the Ellen Degeneres show.

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