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DollarGeneral.Com Website - For Great Savings and Sweepstakes. When one wants to find all the information they may need about Dollar General Stores, then there is only one place that you can visit and that is the Dollar General Website ( To begin with, everyone would like to know where they can get these stores that can be found in about 35 states, there are store locators and locator maps that can guide you to getting the best deals and prices.

The reason that the Dollar General website is so visited is because it is pleasing to the eye and even has pictures that support anything being supported like models for the clothes, images of dishes that can be prepared through the recipes and quick yet friendly links to the DG brand name stock, video recipes to prepare some of DG’s top recipes, a blog, coupons that you can collect to get savings and also a place to register for email alerts for any new savings and products. You can also see at the bottom of the site a constant scroll of brands that can be found in these stores.

Saving on the Dollar General website is possible because you will be able to take a look at special offers like Kotex U, Ms. Cheap who also has a savings blog, WOW savings and also DG Easy Meals. If you are looking for promotions, there is the Hot Topics where you will find information on the Country Million Sweepstakes, the chance to win $1000 for posting your opinions and many others. You can also join them on Twitter and Facebook through their links.

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DollarGeneral is definitely a great place for shopping online. I found their website so useful thanks to Dollar general stores