Customer Satisfaction Survey – Some rules of thumb

True, customer satisfaction survey is important. But there are some important things to remember while administering these surveys. Some of them are discussed below.

• The survey has to gauge ‘importance’ along with ‘satisfaction’ – Let’s face it! Measuring customer satisfaction is all about gauging to what extent your organization (or online business) has been successful in meeting the target customers' requirements. So it makes little sense merely asking customers how much satisfied they find your company’s products or services. With this, you must also measure the equation’s other half – which things are most important to the customers?

• Be careful about selecting questions – There are lots of companies out there who end up spoiling the value of the customer satisfaction surveys by asking customers the inappropriate or wrong questions. This happens when they view their survey from the organization’s point of view. To make sure you’re placing the right questions, put yourself in the customers’ shoes!

• The sample size should be large enough – To make sure that the responses you get are reflective of the majority of your customers; the number of respondents should be large enough. For most of the organizations, a sample size of 200 will suffice. Still, you can decide on that based on your unique situations and requirements.

• The response rate has to be representative – For instance some companies end up making hasty business decisions on the basis of their satisfaction survey findings. Unfortunately, many of these surveys are very low in terms of response rate (below 20% in many cases). And even worse the minority of the sample size responding here, differ a lot in opinion with the majority who didn’t respond or take part. So, just in case these minority respondents provide rather extreme answers, would it be right to make decisions on that?

• Avoid asking double questions. "Was the salesperson cooperative and helpful?" Questions like this are ridiculous, since a sales person can try to be extremely friendly, while incapable of being of any help whatsoever. But if this is a Yes/No choice, the double questions would seem impractical to answer. Likewise, you won’t find the data easy to analyze afterwards.

• Avoid focusing on too few PFIs or ‘Priorities for Improvement’ - The key objective of every customer satisfaction survey is to find show the company ways to improve. But to achieve this target, the results of the survey have to clearly indicate the opportunities and fields of improvement. So design the questionnaire in a way that helps the organization explore the satisfaction gap most customers are realizing.


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