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www.whataburgersurvey.com - Free Coupon Whataburger. Do you like hum! a good hamburger! Who doesn't! I love it! Like the french comic hero from Goscinny, I fell into the Magic Potion when I was a little countryside boy. And never could live without it! Drat! I love those juicy hamburger! The first time I fell into my "péché mignon" (French-weakness) was at a WhataBurger Restaurant in Corpus Christi, Texas in the sixties with Grand Pa. Indeed those WhataBurger restaurants have always been my favorite place speaking of juicy good hamburger.
How about a free hamburger! Lets talk now about coupons! The specialize hamburger fast food restaurant is sponsoring an interesting marketing promotion where you get a free coupon just by filling a short online questionnaire. How to get your coupon ? Easy! if you're been to a Whataburger fast food restaurant recently, you can visit now their website at http www.whataburgersurvey.com and follow the online instructions to complete the restaurant survey.


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