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www.itpaystogogreensweeps.com - The "It Pays to Go Green" Sweepstakes.This is the official address of My Bank "It Pays to Go Green" Sweepstakes promotion. My Bank company is sponsoring this sweepstakes where customer of the bank are sensitized to the fact that we live in an electronic era and more particularly with the emergence of the world wide web Internet. Internet banking has become more secure and is largely promoted by banking corporation. Online bill pay can make a huge impact worldwide on the environment by saving a lot of trees. This what "It Pays to Go Green" Sweepstakes is all about; effective and secure online banking bills pay and saving earth at the same time. Corporations and Individuals can make the difference in the battle to deforestation. The promotion sweepstakes brings on the table the choice to opt-in and make a difference without omitting the fact that today online bill pay is the most secure and fastest way to make your transaction. My Bank! First United brings you the chance to win a garden set, a Kindle™ or even $1,500. Whether you are an experienced Online Bill Pay customer or new to Online Bill Pay, you could win cash and prizes by "going green" and paying your bills through our easy-to-use Website. Visit My Bank at mybank com or www.itpaystogogreensweeps.com and follow the online instructions to apply.

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Carla Antee said...

Good morning I want to win the Superprise