- Ghost Hunters Sweepstakes

You could win a GHOST Hunters IPAD at - Syfy Ghost Hunters Sweepstakes. is the official address of "The Syfy Ghost Hunters Sweepstakes" sponsored by Delivery Agent, Inc. Are an avid fan of GhostHunters on Syfy, also known as the Sci-Fi Channel or only SCI FI? Well I am! Since I was a young kid, I have always been attracted by paranormal, fantastic and supernatural story. In those years Ghost Hunters or even reality TV show did not exist. But I had Xfiles with Mulder and Scully and Stephen King the one and only master horror and science fiction. Today Ghost Hunters with Jason and Grant is my favorite TV show on the Science Fiction Channel. I also enjoy GHI! Now for the contest, visit the website above through September 07, 2011 and enter the Syfy's Ghost Hunters Sweepstakes and you will have a chance to win one of those prizes: a Ghost Hunters iPad, a selection of ghost hunting gear, or Best of Ghost Hunters prize packs. This would be amazing! See official rules and prize details at SyFy website. Good Luck! -


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