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www.pchgames.com is a website that provides with publishing expertise and with direct marketing services as well. They reach their costumers through direct mail and they only have physical offices, with the headquarters located in New York.

In general, www.pchgames.com provides with very generous sweepstakes and are known for being very honest about your chances to actually win. Being founded in 1953, they really needed to be honest about the player’s chances of winning and constantly stated that anyone playing in their sweepstake has a one in several billion chance of winning. It seems that this was not off putting to people because several hundred thousand are currently playing for the “1 million per year, for life” prize.

The site www.pchgames.com provides with several types of games in which you can win a lot of money. The best thing is that all the games are free to play thanks to several sponsoring partners, mainly internet websites. These sponsors allow you to play the games and have the chance of winning money without investing any of your own. However, you have to create an account and click on ads in order to play for money. The games are usually very simple, ranging from simple arcade racers to tetris like games and derivatives. To win money you either need to score the highest or to wait and hope that your name will be the one chosen by the machine. Every time you play a game your ID will be entered in a lottery type of game that will bring you money if you happen to be one of the lucky winners.

You should give this a try because for a couple of minutes, three or four times week, you get the chance to win important amounts of money or other prizes, such as electronics and even cars in some cases at www.pchgames.com.

Website: http://www.pchgames.com/

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