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www.StaplesRewardsCenter.com - About Staples Rewards Center. First of all, we need to clarify the name, because in some cases people might think we are talking about the arena that hosts sporting events. The Staples Rewards Center is the site that offers rewards to the Staples customers (a company that sells office supplies). If you already have an account, all you need to do is login and see whether you have enough points to claim a reward. If not, you need to create an account and make sure that you use one of the codes received in one of the stores after a purchase. - www.staplesrewards.com -

The Staples Rewards Center usually provides with discounts and coupons to be used in Staples stores, and this can mean a great reduction in office related supply costs. There are 10 percent discount coupons that are awarded regularly in the Staples Rewards Center. Make sure that after creating the account, you active the option of receiving information via email about the latest rewards made available. This will be updated on a daily basis, so be sure to remember this aspect.

From time to time you might be able to find more important prizes in the Staples Reward Center. Cash prizes are not uncommon and even office supplies within a certain value are regulars and can be seen offered at least twice a month.

Of course, each time you purchase anything from the Staples store, you get pints in your Staples Rewards Center account. These points can be used to access some of the above mentioned rewards or even to purchase items from the store for no additional charge. Remember that some of these discounts and coupons will need to be printed, so if you want to use the rewards, be sure to find a printer. The Staples Rewards Center is a great way to save a lot of money, especially if you need office supplies on a regular basis.


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