Enjoy $1,000 customer survey sweepstakes

$1,000 customer survey sweepstakes are ones in which the people who participate in the sweepstake stand a chance of winning a cash price of $1,000. $1,000 customer survey sweepstakes entail an elaborate system by which a business firm is able to reward its customers for their loyalty to the company. They are designed and run on the same basic principles that govern the operations of normal, regular sweepstakes.

A sweepstake is a form of competition that is based on luck. In a sweepstake, all the customers or audience who meet particular criteria are eligible to register as participants. Registration to a sweepstake normally does not involve any charges and all the participants in the sweepstake register free of charge. They all stand equal winning opportunities and the win or loss of the sweepstake is practically a matter of pure chance.

A customer survey sweepstake is one in which the criterion for participation is that all the prospective entrants must first participate in a customer survey. The company that is running the sweepstake links the sweepstake directly or indirectly to a customer survey. Customer surveys are exercises that are carried out by a company in order to find out what the customers feel about the company’s products. Due to the fact that not many customers usually participate in these surveys, the inclusion of a sweepstake is meant to increase the participation of customers in the exercise. Many more people are likely to participate in the surveys, if by doing so they stand a chance of winning in the sweepstake. All the people who participate in the surveys are entitled to automatic participation in the sweepstake.

In $ 1.000 customer survey sweepstakes, the grand prize of the sweepstake is one thousand dollars i.e. the final winner of the sweepstake, who must be one of the people that took part in the customer satisfaction survey, is awarded a $1,000 cash price at the end of the final draw of the sweepstake.

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