Information about winning prizes online

Win prizes online: differentiate scam and real contest! It is important that web users be equipped with sufficient information about winning prizes online. In the recent days, the cyber world has seen a previously unprecedented increase in the number of campaigns that claim to award people prizes online. Some of these campaigns are very real and genuine and participants are guaranteed prizes if they should win, but an increasing majority are shams or frauds designed to swindle and defraud the participants. It is not easy to determine which of the sweepstakes and contests campaigns are true and which ones are false, unless one is well versed in information about ‘win prizes online’ campaigns.

The general design of these promotion campaigns is very direct and easy to understand. They are supposed to be opportunities for people to win various prizes by either participating in online sweepstakes or online contests. In the online sweepstakes, the prospective participants register by completing online forms or participating in online surveys that function as automatic registration. Out of this registered number of participants, one winner is selected automatically by a computer or machine that is not biased and which is designed the selection at random. In all sweepstakes, winning or losing only depends on luck and therefore all of the participants stand equal chance of winning.

There are some sweepstakes where a person may win a legitimate prize without first registering to participate. For instance, a website may decide to award its one-millionth user. This user then gets to win a price online simply by being lucky enough to be number one million on the site. For the online contests, the visitors to the site are enrolled in competitions and only the ultimate winners get the prizes. They may take part in quizzes or mental tests, but whatever the activity, victory does not depend on luck.

It is only when n one knows all these things about ‘win prizes online’ campaigns that he/ she can fully benefit from them


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