Learn more about Amazon credit card and Amazon rewards program

The Amazon credit cards are conventionally accepted credit cards. They are mainly suitable for clients that shop often at Amazon. The rewards offered by the card are attractive thereby making them suitable for use. The credit cards are becoming popular among many people shopping in these sites since they offer consumer protection, flexibility and strong rewards program. The cards extend warranty of the items that you have purchased with up to one year.

For every purchase made using the credit card, there are reward points that are earned. For the first three months of using the credit card, consumers are offered reward points in doubles. After that period, the card starts offering three points for every $1 that is spent at the Amazon.com site. For every $1 spent at restaurants, drug stores and gas stations is offered two points while other places are rewarded at the rate of one point for every $1 spent at any other place.

The Amazon credit card rewards can be redeemed once they reach 2500. The rewards acquired can include roundtrips to Asia and Europe, gift cards, etc depending on the number of points you have. 2500 gif points can be exchanged for $25 worth card.

APR for the signature card stands at 13.24%. Platinum card holders may be charged at varying rates of either 16.24% or 19.24%. The rates are determined by the credit history of an individual. Both the APR balance transfers are similar to that of the purchases. The default rate stands at 27.24% and a grace period of at least 20 days is allowed. There are no annual fees charged on the card holder. For balances that are less than $100, late payments are charged fine of $15; $29 for balances ranging between $100 and $249.99; and for balances above $250 are fine $39.

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