- What services are offered ? - Are you looking for a new way to help manage your money? Are you tired of having too much cash with you, and want a secure way to carry your money, but still want to avoid banks and their associated fees? Maybe you've heard of the Walmart Money Card. The Walmart Money Card is a new kind of pre-paid debit card that is sweeping the nation. The website that Walmart has set up to go with this card is easily found at, you guessed it,

What services are offered at

First, you will find a great place to learn about this service. You will be able to view a page devoted to answering the most frequently asked questions about the Walmart MoneyCard. You can also find Walmart's basic overview of the card, and an explanation of all services, fees, and costs associated with your card.

Next, you will find a great place to get a card of your choosing, either Visa or Mastercard are offered. You can also activate both your temporary card and your permanent card from the site. It is a great place to view your account and see your activity on your card.

From, you can also set up a fast, free, secure, and flexible means of loading your card. You can save money from reloading and check cashing fees by signing up the direct deposit service that the site offers. Don't want your entire check to go on your MoneyCard? No problem! You can control how much of your check will go onto it.

Lastly, you can use by login to your account WalmartMoneyCard and reload your card. Using a GreenDot MoneyPak that you have already purchased, you can top of your card so it is ready for more purchases.

Clearly, if you choose a Walmart card, then is a tool you should always keep at the ready.

Go to Walmart MoneyCenter or for more information. 
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