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We've been doing sweepstakes and contests online for ten years now. When I say we I mean my wife and I, she's an expert in Winning Prize. She's the one that wins most of the time. We're not winning all the time but we had our luck. The biggest price is standing right in front of me, it's our huge TV screen a 57" Toshiba LDP TV that she won two years ago. And let me tell you that is to say my favorite price of all. We love to enter online sweepstakes and we also love to win. We also love to get some good Coupons for Groceries or vouchers for saving on grocery and more. Why this website? Well, it's my idea; I wanted to do something useful online and really wanted to start my own website or blog. But I didn't know at the beginning what to do or what to talk about. Therefore, I did some research online and all these calling experts or Gurus found online, they say all the same thing; that I have to make websites about something I know and something I like to talk about... and VoilĂ ! that's how I stop myself on coupons and sweepstakes. Therefore, I will try to bring you an everyday post about new online sweepstakes or great coupons. All sweepstakes and contests are free on this website your best chances to win is to enter as many sweepstakes possible more you complete and more chance you got. Wish you best luck!

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