The Ellen DeGeneres Show and Giveaways

The show Ellen DeGeneres which is often known as Ellen is a television talk show which is hosted by Ellen DeGeneres. It is distributed by the Warner Brothers Television. It always features interviews with celebrities, music performances and comedic performances by the host of the show.

The most interesting aspect of the Ellen DeGeneres show is the giveaways. What DeGeneres does is that, she normally has the audience participating in games where a number of prizes are given out. For instance, during her 12 days of the Giveaways promotion, she normally will give out about $1,000 value of prizes. This is given out to every member of the audience in the studio together with a handful of the audience in the home for exactly twelve days continuously leading to Christmas.

The Ellen DeGeneres show was moved to Warner Brothers studios for the sixth season because of the NBC spot which was sold. The last show which was taped on NBC slot was the one featuring Dr. Wayne Dyer and Evan Handler. It was taped on the 23rd May, 2008. The show also is characterized by Ellen’s Twelve Days of Giveaways episodes. This can be easily compared to Oprah’s Favourite Things. Here is where the giveaways take place. Here Ellen normally gives varying kinds of gifts to the audience which may include flat screen television sets, laptops and jewellery. It may also include trips to all around the world. The giveaway episodes usually take place in the early part of December.

Ellen celebrated doing her 1,000th episode on May 1, 2009. Sometimes during the show Ellen will give each of her guests on the show underwear that has Ellen written on the waistband. At certain times, the guests will show them off on the show. Ellen could also depict some pictures of the guests putting the underwear on in some other places.

The Ellen DeGeneres show has one of the highest viewers in the world. It has been reported that it averages just about 3 million viewers for each episode according to the daytime television ratings. At certain times in the show Ellen organizes what she calls Musical chairs. Some members of the audience play for a special prize. There is another giveaway which is called whistle while you work where you eat some real crackers and whistle a tune to win the prize at stake.

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