What is the Amazon Kindle?

“What is the Amazon kindle?” Has this question ever crossed your mind? Contrary to what many people might think, this is software and hardware that has been created by the Amazon.com Company and it is used for reading e-books and other electronic materials. They have done a good job in making downloading of content over the internet much easier. The hardware comes in three models known as the Kindle, Kindle 2 and Kindle DX. As for the software, there is an iPhone application called Kindle for iPhone, which first came into existence in the year 2007 in the United States.

As you keep searching for answers on ‘what is the Amazon Kindle,’ be informed that its hardware uses a special type of ink known as the E Ink brand, over electronic paper displays. The network that is in use in the Amazon Kindle is the Sprint EVDO network, which is used locally only, but for the international network there is AT & T’s network. The one advantage that users who understand what the Amazon Kindle is have is that they can use the Kindle hardware devices even in the absence of a computer. Through the Sprint EVDO network, one is also able to download content directly via the Amazon whisper net, which is accessible free of charge. The versions are however being upgraded with each passing year and they are making internet relatively easy to access.

Among other devices that those trying to answer the question ‘what is the Amazon Kindle’ hope to release soon are the Kindle DX, Kindle for PC, Barnes and Noble nook and the Jinke Hanlin e-reader. The expected returns are huge, bearing in mind that the first offering on kindle was made in November 2007 and it sold out in less than six hours, and remained on demand for five months. Yet the supply was limited. The kindle device went about $400 and is 6 inches long and has a 4-level grayscale display. Since it has been out of stock for sometime now, it has been replaced by the Kindle 2.

At the time that the inventors were trying to give answers to the question ‘what is Amazon Kindle,’ they also launched the digital Text Platform, which is basically a system for authors. Authors can take advantage of the system to self-publish their work through email and by placing ads in the Amazon.com pages. Authors are also able to upload contents in form of documents in as many formats as they may wish through the whisper-net technology. The services for downloading the contents are charged at between one dollar and $200 per download. About 30% of this revenue goes to the authors. The percentage is determined by list price given by the authors.

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