Eidos Sweepstakes So, if you haven't really heard about Monster Lab, I won't blame you! My grandchild introduces me to this Monster Lab last week when he told that he loves to have that video game as a Christmas gift along with other items on his huge list. Anyway while searching over the Internet about this video game, I stumbled on this interesting website sweepstakes The Ultimate Monster Lab at from Eidos. Inc - Ultimate Monster Lab Sweepstakes just register and you will have chance to win some great prizes that your children or grand children will enjoy. This contest ends on December 31, 2008.

Sweepstakes Prizes: (see official website for Prizes details and rules)

"PRIZES:One (1) Grand Prize Package (One total) consisting of: One (1) 20" Flat Panel TV, [Prize ARV: $1,000.00], One (1) Nintendo Wii, or Sony Playstation PS2, or Nintendo DS; the choice of one video game platform listed is the winner’s choice [Prize ARV: $250.00], One (1) Eidos Monster Lab videogame on either the Nintendo Wii, Sony Playstation PS2, or Nintendo DS [Prize ARV: $49.00], One (1) microscope [ARV: $150.00], One (1) Chemistry Kit [ARV: $250.00], One (1) Lab coat [Prize ARV: $50.00], One (1) Pair of safety goggles [Prize ARV: $10.00], One (1) pair of lab safety gloves [Prize ARV: $10.00]. ARV of all prizes: $1,769.00."
official Rules:

Ultimate Monster Lab, Ultimate Monster Lab sweepstakes

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