www.MysteryShop.org Mystery Shopping Compagnies

If you're looking about a way to make some extra money in spare time or seeking for a full time job. www.mysteryshop.org is the place to start if you have think of becoming a Mystery Shopper purchasing stuff incognito. The job is about shopping at the request of a mystery shopper companies, you go in a store, boutique, etc... and purchase stuff and make a report on the service and get paid monthly for that. You will not become rich, but you will make some extra cash at the ends of the month. They are 200 000 people in the USA doing this and making some extra income. In the US, the profession is considered well organized. MysteryShop.org (Mystery Shopping Providers Association) is the best place to get information about the industry of mystery shopping programs and how to become a secret shopper. How to make some extra cash money.

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