www.Fiftydollarhouse.com - 2009 Mortgage Payoff Raffle

www.Fiftydollarhouse.com - 2009 Mortgage Payoff Raffle. For your home mortgage. This is the official website URL of the We Care and Friends 2009 Mortgage Payoff Raffle, where if you register online to this address you can win a mortgage prize package mortgage sweepstakes worth $550,000.00 for just $50! It's not a free sweepstakes but the prize is great, imagine buying your home sweet home and having no more mortgage. If it's something that interest you just fill out the form by clicking on the Get Your Tickets Now button on the main page and follow the instruction to complete your ticket order. The Grand Prize winner will have their mortgage paid off and receive $150,000.00 in cash! and the second prize winner will have their mortgage paid for one year. The Fiftydollarhouse.com Mortgage Payoff Raffle Sweepstakes ends on October 30, 2009 at 5:00 PM ET. Hurry Up!

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