www.bet.com - Old Navy item of the week Contest

www.bet.com - Old Navy item of the week Contest. This is the official website URL of Bet. What is B.E.T.? Well its stands for Black American Network and It is an American cable network based in Washington D.C., and targets young African-American throughout the United States of America. One of their new show this year is The Mo’Nique Show. The Mo’Nique Show - bet.com/monique - is a huge hit. She is a precursor and considered as a pioneer in her work because she is the first African American Woman to have her own late talk show. The official website BET TV is www.bet.com and there is little sweepstakes this month giving you the chance to win $75 Old Navy Gift Card. Go to their website and click on contest in the navigation menu on the top of the page that will bring you to the sweepstakes page. Contest ends January 21 2010. Hurry up! Important you must be a registered BET.com member in order to participate. Good luck!

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Great show i want to know will it be another season of show the game i miss when you talked about it