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Jewelry Television JTV.com – JTV Gold Exchange. Are you ready to sell off your gold yet? Jewelry Television (JTV) has introduced a new gold offer for exchanging gold - JTV.com JTV Gold Exchange . Are you wondering what the Gold Exchange is all about? This package is as interesting as it can get. This includes a special ‘peace-of-mind’ protecting methods too. So what’s in it?

To being with, you’ll be able to track down your packet. They will also provide you with a special prepaid as well as a FedEx® envelope that comes pre-addressed. They also do the job of insuring each and every bag up to the value of $500. That way, the consumers are assured that they’re to some extent covered, just in case a loss/damage occurs.

And security is the first priority of this gold exchange offer. On the behalf of the consumers, the Jewelry Television (JTV) authorities videotape those detailed processes like unpacking or weighing (for insuring there’s hardly any tampering with the items of the consumers.). Following that, they will post that video online. The consumer gets to see that video at their website. The consumer gets to review that conveniently like that.

With all that and even more, your satisfaction fully is fully guaranteed! For ensuring you’re entirely satisfied with the offered price, you should view and accept the offers prior to making any payment. And when you decide that you will not sell of your gold/platinum, the Jewelry Television (JTV) authorities in charge of this ‘gold exchange offer’ would happily return it – no question asked and no charge applies.

Even better, the officials working for the gold exchange offer will keep on contacting you at each and every all along. After you have successfully delivered your email id, they will inform you about the current status of the packet – right from the beginning till the end.

All these will take no more than 3 simple steps on your part-

1. Make sure your confidential details is accurate on the Gold Exchanging bag of JTV (comes enclosed). And your task is simple… just placing the items into the bag.

2. Now put that Gold Exchanging bag of JTV into the provided prepaid, pre-addressed envelope of FedEx®.

3. Then simply call FedEx® to request a free pickup right at your doorsteps (no matter where it is)! Another option is to drop the package at the neighboring FedEx® location.

To all considerations, this offer is great since, you get to know the status of your gold via their email. When there’s no email, the Gold Exchange authorities contact you over phone. They make and offer to you. If you decline it, they return it – no hard feelings.

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