– About Nabisco World Games – About Nabisco World. If you are eager to know more about Nabisco World, you can go to their official website. This site is pretty informative, fun and interactive. You get a whole lot of info regarding their expanded product lines. You also get the chance to put your hands on their quality collection of games. If you want an idea before you hit the website of Nabisco World, here some ideas on what to expect.

How do you get registered?

It’s fairly simple. All you do is clicking that "LOGIN" button at It is on the home page’s top left. This’ll open up the registration prompt. Then you click "Not registered?" and that’s at this page’s bottom. This is the time when you’re supposed to enter all your required info. After that, you have to click the "create account" button. It’s important that you have all the fields of this form completely filled out – especially if you do care about participating in fun loaded contests as well as sweepstakes.

Can kids (who’re not 13 yet) get registered?

Just as said earlier, registration is fairly simple. After following the registration procedure mentioned, the younger subscribers will have to click a button labeled as "handle". He or she can also choose any of the screen names out a complete listing available. Sometimes, the chosen handle is previously taken. If that is so, the registration seeker has to click that dropdown menu once more. This reveals that handle’s 5 fresh versions. One of these new handles has to be chosen. Then just click on the "create account" button. When an account is created, a confirmation mails will reach the parents of this young person.

What are the reasons of account deactivation?

There are actually 3 key reasons for the deactivation of an account from the database of the official website of Nabisco World. Firstly, this happens when the handle/email ID used currently contains profanity or unacceptable language. The second reason is something that involves not logging on into the existing account for 6 months or over. Thirdly, the account gets terminated when the parents or the legal guardian decides not to verify the account. It can also happen if he or she deletes the entry off the database of Nabisco World’s website.

For someone who’s below 13, is it possible that s/he still plays all the games despite the fact that the account was not confirmed?

Yes, players without confirmation of this site. But they are not allowed to enter their scores on the Leaderboard of this website. Nevertheless, the stats of this sort of games are temporarily saved for 2 weeks or so.

Hope all that was helpful!

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