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http www.hgtv.com - HGTV Channel TV. Everybody has problems with home care at one time or another, especially single men. Men believe that house work is easy and anyone can do it. But when it is their turn to give it a try they fail miserably. There are many tricks and short cuts you learn with practice only or with the sound advice from HGTV Channel TV.

HGTV Channel TV has a section in decoration which besides giving you decoration tips it points you towards other television shows you can watch to learn more about a certain subject. This same section has a “before and after” picture sequence where they show you the remodeling process in a bathroom or any other room inside a real house. Great ideas for your own house can be taken from these. They even have the total budget numbers included so you can estimate the cost of doing something similar in your home.

The outdoors section of HGTV Channel TV shows you many outdoor designs for your patio or a gazebo with a swimming pool area. It includes designs made by famous architects and interior designers. All the pictures have been taken in real homes where people live, regular people not artists and famous people. So it is possible for you to do the same thing in your house.

In HGTV Channel TV you find out many things on home care and maintenance experts are there to point you the right way. You get to see beautiful and practical home designs and garden designs that are found in real houses. Decorating a home with taste is not easy, they will show you the dos and don’ts so you can do it yourself instead of hiring a professional. It is very complete and informative and worth taking a good look at it.

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Joseph Kearney said...

I'm a 53 year old disabled veteran, and I thought this site would send me in directions to assist me in updating my home that was built in 1970. I updated insulation to the tune of over $8,800, to discover recently the contractor never insulated the bottom of the walls above the sill plate, WHERE the continuous cast iron radiators run, with a large portion of my heat is being lost. I put in an on demand hot water, then I found out it has a pilot that burns about $27 worth of gas; I have original ceramic bathrooms with foil wallpaper, one is all pink. Original wall is harvest gold 27" wide, an odd ball; I put in a new Jenn Air cooktop bought induction module, and a variety of burners and accessories; the pantry cabinets don't match kitchen cabinets, in the pantry there is a relatively unused 1971 GE combination washer dryer(have never figured where moisture from the dryer goes? The entire inside of the house is painted a 30 yr. old post office green, with probably original gold drapes(huge,with little balls); kitchen floor is original, and island cabinet doesn't match cabinets, countertops are original faux formica green and white. House has its original boiler. This was an architect designed 2,600sq. ft. home I've put a bunch of money in mechanicals; how can I update to sell wihout loosing my shirt?????

Joseph Kearney said...

I invested in my home,neighborhood,city,county,state and our nation; maintaining my home, now I'm buried financialy. I've been a good law abiding citizen paying all my owed taxes and never got any help