- Best Buy Reward Zone - - How to redeem from Best Buy Reward Zone. To keep customers, companies have to come up with ways to make sure they do not lose them to their competitors. Different companies apply different techniques one of which may be a rewards program. Such a program gives incentives to customers by promising them free items or discounted deals at certain places. All the customer has to do is to accumulate points using a card that will show how many points have been collected in certain duration of time. For the Best Buy Reward Zone, each dollar spent on their products is worth 100 points. The best thing about this particular program is that you don’t participate in any offers and you don’t have to be over eighteen to do so. Anyone from age 13 and above is eligible with a membership fee of 9.99$ per year. Previews of new products are amongst the things that you get to experience as a member. Another may be access to VIP events, invitations to promotions and regular reward offers.

Redeeming your points is not such an elaborate affair. All you have to do is visit their website and log on to your specific account. Navigate and click on “issue certificates” then enter the number of points you wish to redeem in increments of 250. You could also select the preferred dollar value in increments of 5$. Have the reward certificates printed after your points have been redeemed.

It may suffice to mention that in the Best Buy Reward Zone, points are deducted when items are returned. It does not however apply to products exchanged. In that case the points remain the same. Reward Zone gift certificates can be used to redeem any product worth 10$ and over. The certificate only remains valid for a period of 90 after which it expires.


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I try to get to for the program Gamers Club sweepstakes ???

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Where is the Best Buy Reward program Gamers Club ???