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www.poptartsflavorcard.com - www.poptarts.com - Kellogg's Pop Tarts rewards. This is the official website URL of Kellogg's Company promotion rewards " Pop Tarts Codes Flavor Rewards". poptartsflavorcard.com is the place where you can set up your own Pop-Tarts Rewards account, and enter the unique code printed inside specially-marked packages of kellogg's Poptarts. You can discover over 25 delicious Pop-Tarts flavors and select your choice of a funtastic reward for every 5 flavors you enjoy. And then choose your rewards! Visit poptarts.com for more information about this online rewards program.

Pop Tarts Codes Flavor Rewards

# 1 Magazine Subscription 5 Codes

# 1 Movie Ticket (Value up to $12) 5 Codes

# 5 Music Downloads 5 Codes

# 25 Photo Prints from Snapfish® 5 Codes

# 2 Boxes of Pop-Tarts toaster pastries 5 Codes

See Poptartsflavorcard.com for official rules and rewards details.

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