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Purex.com - Purex Company. In the world of detergents, you can never fail to mention Purex. This is no doubt one of the best companies and best products in the world over. This brand has no doubt been built through some tough challenges. It is a process that must have had disappointments and jubilations. After all, this is what it takes to build a brand name.

The curiosity in every man or woman’s ears is just who is this purex company and what is it that made them come this far? Just how does one build such an empire in business and remain afloat for many more years?

Purex Company is one of the oldest companies. This is the case at least if you consider the fact that the parent company, Henkel, is more than 130 years old! It takes not only a strong company but also a product that keeps evolving to be able to survive those many years. This is the benefit that the brand Purex comes to the market with. The inter-generational customer allegiance that spans from great grandfathers is a benefit that only few companies other than Purex Company enjoy.

In today’s market, the Purex products have remained relevant by touching on the most important concern of today, the environment. This is a company that has several times changed the packaging of the product to allow for a more energy efficient and safer packaging. This emphasis on green revolution has caught the eyes of the customers and is paying dividends for this company.

In addition, the company has set forth to cut costs to the customer by providing a refill system. This means that you do not have to keep paying for packaging after your first buy. This has made the product quite attractive and therefore placing the company as one of the best in the world market

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