History of Halloween

You will be amazed to know the truth about Halloween. The Halloween is celebrated by many children and people all over the world by dressing up in various costumes. However not many people who celebrate the Halloween know the truth behind this festivity. Halloween usually takes place before the ‘all saints day’. There are a lot of superstition and occult symbols that are involved with this Halloween. The history of Halloween is known to have started in Europe where there was widespread of believes in sorcerers, magic and witches.

The druids were much feared people and they were ruling in Western Europe. These druids were a group of priest made of female and males. They practiced a lot of magic and other occult practices. These druids would sacrifice people; they would carry out very inhuman practices on people when they were still alive. Can you imagine that they would tear away the heart from a person who was still alive? They would even remove sexual organs and the skin to be used for other practices.

During Halloween, this is when the druids would teach about their practices. During this time, elves, witches, spirits, fairies and ghost would go and cause harm to people. Can you believe that this is where Halloween originated from? During Halloween, you will find people wearing ghost, fairies and witches costumes as they celebrate it.

The truth about Halloween is that it originated from the druids and has a very big connection with Satanism. Most of the Halloween costumes have originated from the druids festivals. Some of the costumes include the pumpkin costume and the cornstalk costume. There was a druid’s festival known as Samhain. During this festival, the druids would thank the demons for the crops fertility that they have received during that year. At night, they would conduct black masses.

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