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www.cookingchanneltv.com - All the shows in the new Cooking Channel TV are progressively and impressively vibrant. The people bringing those loud calorie-pushing Paula Deen did a great job – or so as it seems! Or just think of the super energetic spice-sprinkler master Emeril Lagasse along with dozens of funny stars entertaining the mass audience like Rachel Ray! And that’s the most magnetic thing about the new Cooking Channel!

And the name (the Cooking Channel - website cookingchanneltv.com) is well justified as it lines up some low-key programs which are targeted towards a rather hipper crowd who’re much interested to get entangled into the grass root levels of the global food culture. For instance, Ms. Deen won’t have her time slot. But the 3 young dudes from Canada (they mastered the art of building taco vending machines along with other weird looking contraptions for the huge hyped show known as “Food Jammers.”

“Unique Eats” is yet another one of the Cooking Channel shows. This show was originally taped earlier at Bark, which happens to be a hot-dog Shoppe in Park Slope of Brooklyn. All the cameras lavishing attention on their baked heirloom beans or franks actually topped with the legendary Columbia County sauerkraut!

This new channel has recently announced a grand opening lineup with a nice presentation targeted at all its advertisers in Manhattan. The whole idea was to replace the former Fine Living Network. Do you want to know something really vibrant about the new Cooking Channel? They masterminds behind it are now considering producing everything in documentary-styled programming on vibrant topics such as bulimia and obesity.

“The feel and style we’re now going for could be called a bit grittier, and a bit edgier… but at the same time, it’s all a bit hipper,” according to Bruce Seidel, who happens to be the senior VP for programming and production for this new and exotic Cooking Channel.

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