Dollar General Stores - Coupons Saving Zone and Country Million

Dollar General Stores - When looking for a place where prices range from pennies to $50 on thousands of items, then Dollar General Stores should be the first place to look. Since 1939, this superstore that sells a variety of goods earns revenues of over $10 billion and is also listed at the NYSE as DG. Its headquarters are located in Goodlettsville, Tennessee and it boasts over 9,000 outlets in about 25 states. They have easy store locators to let you know where to visit them and a stellar customer service department that can solve all your DG related problems.

Dollar General Stores are located in areas where larger stores like Wal-Mart do not have a base. They stock everything from clothes, meals, hardware, home appliances, personal grooming items and many others. It is possible to find a number of savings that will give a customer more for their money. This store ensures that you can get freshness, quality and variety for lower prices that are pocket friendly. Some of the savings tools in place include coupons, Savings Zone, Ms. Cheap, WOW savings and DG meals among others and each of these programs allow you to save in more ways than one.

The Dollar General Stores is also unique in that they hold something that is known as Country Million sweepstakes. You have the chance to win cash, gifts of all kinds and as long as one qualifies, then everyone has a shot at winning. This is a store that gives you millions of reason to shop there.

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brenda said...

I am surprised at the prices at the store lately. They have had a variety of low prices.That makes me want to go back soon.Brenda