- Cabela's - 50 Years 50 Trucks Sweepstakes - Marketing Promotion Sweepstakes - Cabela's - 50 Years 50 Trucks Sweepstakes. Visit their stores you may have a chance to win one of 50 Chevy vehicles or lots of other prizes If you are in the outdoor sport like fishing, hunting or camping you are probably and surely familiar with Cabela's stores. The company is a direct marketer and specialty retailer in this category. If you never visited one of their shopping store, you should because it's a unique experience. You will be amaze by their gigantic showrooms. I mean, it's like wild life outdoor experience. Just amazing! Plus their website - http provides opportunity for many people to shop for the right gear just by sitting at home. I wanted to tell about their new sweepstakes marketing promotion where you can enter at the Cabela's 50 Years/50 Trucks Sweepstakes presented by VISA for your chance to win one of 50 Chevy vehicles or lots of other prizes including binoculars, firearms, fishing rod and fishing reel kits, camping equipments, hunting or fishing trips, and $500 Visa gift cards. ( See Cabela's official site for prizes details)

Obtain your outing equipment at Cabela’s stores website:

If you are a complete adventure seeker and would like to travel around different places for your holidays, then you must have all the required outing gear which will provide you all the accessories to make the outing a successful trip. For this you are required to visit Cabela’s stores website which now provides their customers the option to shop right from their home. All they have to do is visit the website and register themselves as a member. Once this procedure is carried out, the customer then can carry out his or her shopping from wide range of products which are especially targeted at people who love outings. GPS trackers, guns, jackets, outdoor clothing, equipment etc are the different categories present in the website. Once can choose the one which will best into their requirement and also according to the place of adventure that they are planning to go ahead with.

The website provides opportunity for many people to shop for the right gear just by sitting at home. Loaded with different products from different manufacturers, one can easily find what they are looking out for. They can then add the product to their shopping cart which later on will be billed depending on the total number of items. The payment transaction is completely a secured mode of transaction and one can use their debit cards, credit cards or even internet banking to complete the payment. Once this is done, the equipment will be delivered to the address that you have mentioned while you registered yourself as a member with the website. Depending on the stock availability and location, the delivery can take up to a week’s time. Go ahead and shop for all the outing equipment which is necessary for you to carry out your adventurous trip a successful one. Www.Cabelas.Com

Chevy Trucks: 2011 Chevrolet Silverado 2500HD 4WD Ext Cab 144.2” LT, MSRP $37,385


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BARB said...

This is my story,and I am sticking to it!
I just moved to Arizona from Illinois
they DO NOT have a store like Cabelas.The closest one would be Bass Pro,and I thought that was a cool store -WRONG ! My fiance and myself wander into the store on the spur of the moment to check it out...I went crazy,so much to buy and he had to almost drag me out of the store.I will be going back,I have seen everything I need to by for people on my Christmas list...your store is great and so are the people,we were helped and greeted like family and just so you know,Becca
was very pleasant,she seemed like a very happy employee.We spent $50.00 but next visit will be somewhat more.I found my heaven!!