How Kraftfoods Coupons work:

Kraftfoods offers some of the most delicious samples in the food and beverages industry. To maintain their level of consumer satisfaction, Kraftfoods has continued to offer various coupons to their customers. Kraftfoods Coupons serve a variety of needs to them and their customers, some of which may include:

1. To increase customer loyalty. The coupons usually have incentives such as free meals which are enticing to the customers. When customers are assured of free meals over and over again, they will buy Kraftfoods products as long as the coupons promise them of such incentives.

2. To build strong business relations with participating companies. Kraft foods are sold in diverse stores throughout the country. These stores make money when products move out of their shelves; and Kraftfoods knows this fact. As a result, they offer bonus coupons so that more people can purchase their products at these stores. When their products move off the shelves faster than other products, the stores would give them first priority in terms of space for their product. The area covered by the product would be more.

3. Maximizing on the Brand name. Kraftfoods coupons are given to customers so that they can share them out with friends and family. The more they share the coupons the higher the number of people who’ll get to know that such a company exists. And this is beneficial to Kraftfoods because their sales ratio would also increase.

4. To advertize new products. When launching a new product to the market, Kraftfoods may want to make the product acceptable to its customers, who are already buying other products from the same company. Kraftfoods coupons are a very good way of convincing these customers that the new product is just as good as the old ones.

Kraftfoods is revolutionizing the way coupons are used in Business. And their strategy is working well.

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