PCH.com/change - PCH $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Sweepstakes

www.PCH.com/change - PCH $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Sweepstakes. I've been writing and keeping my readers informed throughout the years about those special super-prize offered by Publishers Clearing House and each year those sweepstakes prizes always amaze me. And let me tell you that PCH is starting strong this year again with an incredible $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Sweepstakes. Becoming a millionaire! Everyone's dream! Now take your chance into that dream and visit this website www.PCH.com/change to enter the new PCH $1 Million A-Year-For-Life Sweepstakes. By entering the sweepstakes and completing the online form, you get yourself eligible for the drawing of a $1,000,000.00 A-Year-For-Life. Win a $1,000,000.00 prize in a Second Chance Drawing and you will receive $25,000.00 a year for 29 years, and a final payment of $275,000.00 in the 30th year. (see official PCH website for the official rules and prizes details) Sweepstakes ends on 2/15/11.

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Kenneth Lucas said...

I want to win publishers clearing house superprize 1830,3080 feb28th im 36 I love playing pch a for chance to be come a millionaire