Tips to help you win more online sweepstakes

Online sweep stakes just like the normal lottery games are games of chance in which the player can win cash and other prizes. The following are some tips on ho you can increase your chance of winning theses online sweepstakes.

Tip number one is that you should be over cautious when entering into an online sweep stake. Online sweepstakes are 10 times likely to have scams than the other normal sweep stake games. Be very cautious when giving your personal and confidential information to online sweep stakes.
Go for those legit online sweep stakes which are hard to play. Hard online sweep stakes keep off many players and this increases your chances of winning.

Play those online sweepstakes which do not offer very huge sums of winning money. The higher the amount of money a sweep stake offers on winning, the more the number of players and the lower the chances of winning. Go for those ‘small’ online sweep stakes and you stand better chances of winning than those ‘big’ ones.

Have a separate email for playing online sweep stakes and not your personal email account. This is aimed at protecting your personal security and privacy.

Unless very sure that you have won, do not send cash to claim your prizes or any other reward from online sweep stakes; as stated earlier fraudsters can easily trick you to losing your cash through online sweep stakes which are scams.

Read the terms and conditions of the game, the rules and also read the eligibility criteria and qualifications of playing the online sweepstake. Most online sweep stakes require you to sign to sign an online forms of contract before playing the sweepstake. This is a contract like any other and binds you and the online lottery company. Read the terms of the contract including the exemption clauses and ensure that you clearly understand them. If unable to fathom the terms clearly you may consult an attorney.

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