- Program Reward Zone from Best Buy - Best Buy Program Reward Zone. If you are shopaholic, then the best way to purchase items is to enter the best buy zone where you will come across wide variety of products which are manufactured by different companies that are present in the market. All you have to do is log into the website of best buy and search for the product which you are planning to purchase. The best part of this particular program is the my reward zone where you are provided with a card (Best Buy Reward Zone Card) which you can utilize and make use of the same every time you carry out a purchase either through online or through visiting your nearest store.

MYRZ program - which has been launched by best buy program provides the customer the option to utilize the card provided to them so that after a particular set of points are reached, they can redeem the points to purchase another product free of cost. Yes, this program uses a special reward procedure where a particular set of points are awarded to the customer each time they make a purchase. They will also provide you the list of the items which will be provided for particular set of points. When the customer reaches to the mentioned points, he or she can visit the nearest store in order to collect the item for free without making any payment. This has provided many people obtain their dream products at free price. The main aim of introducing this particular program is to provide customers the option to purchase those products which are necessary for them and also at the same time obtain the required sales volume for the company.

If you do not have your reward card, visit your nearest store to fill in the application to obtain your card. How to Activate? Then to activate your Best Buy Reward Account visit this address Happy shopping ahead with loads of freebies.


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