- Kraft Foods Lunchables Coupons - Kraft Foods Lunchables Printable Coupons. This the official website of Kraft Foods associated Brand - Oscar Mayer Lunchables. This label offers a wide variety of children meal combination including crackers, small slices of meat, and an equal number of slices of cheese, or pizza, small hot dogs, small burgers, and wraps. All for the joy of our little hungry kids who enjoy those delicious combination packages. Facts: Did you know that? Kraft Foods company is the first largest in the United States of America and the second largest in the world, food and beverage company. Now don't miss this offer - go to the website ( and you can make a promise to get a free lunch to a kid in need and a $1.00 off printable Lunchables Coupon on Kraft Lunchables website. Lunchables Coupons from www kraft foods com

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