- Nabisco Games and Sweepstakes has gained a global repute as an amusement park for people of all ages. For one, Nabisco World offers an assortment of free web games in this renowned virtual amusement park. At any one time, when you have a free minute and you want to calm down, you can play Golf, Team Racing. Dunk N'Slam, Flip the Frog and any other Shockwave game you may prefer.

Some people know Nabisco World for online sweepstakes running thousands of prizes every day. Some others know Nabisco World as an American market leader in the manufacture of cookies, crackers and snack foods. However, it is Nabisco World Online amusement park that wins in popularity, hats down. Very few people can resist a collection of free web games or online sweepstakes while trying out a variety of Nabisco crackers and cookies.

Most online ventures believe in press release as the ultimate tool to get market their products and sites. But as thousands of these press releases are trashed before the recipients even reads a word, whether in an online version or mailed one, thousands of people across America are smiling down on a Fedex box with bunches of Oreo cookies from Nabisco and a nifty mouse pad.

But, what really is Nabisco World Online Amusements Park? This is site complete with family games, a boardwalk, virtual screaming children and an assortment of prizes on offer. You can visit six distinct lands at Nabisco World. These include the fun zone, adventure land and sports land. In every one of these lands, you can find and play great shockwave games that will put your skills to the ultimate test.

There is always a fantastic prize up for grabs by the high scorers. The prizes range from theatre Nabisco cookies, home systems, Sony Playstation games, Sega Dreamcasts, Palm Pilots or even SnackWell Golf Club. Some of these prizes go up to the $25,000 mark. With great skills in any one of the games, you can guarantee yourself of prize wins every other day.

Do not mistake Nabisco World as a kid’s only world. Most of the gamers at any one time are late teens and early twenties. Actually, research has shown that 48% of online gamers are women between the age of 25 and 44. Some games like Chips Ahoy Space Conquest, Oreo Slam Dunk, Nabisco World Mah-Jongg and SnackWell Golf Club are games for all ages.

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