FAO Schwarz Now Assumes a New Dimension in Toy R Us Online Store Market

Toys R Us - Toysrus.com has given FAO Schwarz a new lease of life and this time in an online store. At a time when one of the greatest names in the history of New York, was in a detrimental low, Toy R US came in and offered a lifeline.

In 1862, a German by the name Frederick August Otto Schwarz, popularly known as FAO Schwarz, started out on a toy store that would eventually become a household name in New York and beyond. Though humble in beginning, FAO Schwarz has for over 100 years ruled as the Tiffany-equal of toys. His fame ruled the streets of New York and of America, from this simple offline store at Fifth Avenue. The shop was so famous that, even people without children would drop by to see this store. The store would later expand to more than 40 stores.

Unfortunately, the assault of many value-priced competitors severed that early success and the company finally succumbed to several bankruptcies. Things were not going well for the brand for several years now. But in May this year, what nobody had foreseen in the market became the hottest news. The reputed but now venerable brand name had been purchased by Toys 'R' Us.

One thing that was very unsettling that the discount toy retailer had business buying out a high end market brand like FAO. People felt that FAO was different from anything on offer at Toy R Us, in terms of price range. But soon enough, we have seen that brand being relaunched towards a differing market niche. Toy R US seems to be saying, we do not come from fifth Avenue even if we have one of the Fifth street’s finest. That was the only lifeline of such a legendary name in the toy world.

The online presence of Toys 'R' Us - www.toysrus.com - has turned around the fortunes of the brand and especially in anticipation of the holiday season. The online toy retailer has also opened nearly 600 FAO Schwarz branded boutiques in all its offline stores. Toy R Us online store incorporates the FAO Schwarz brand's iconic toy soldier. Toy R US has also repackaged and relaunched The website, FAO.com.

As Toy R US continues to market its own toys, which have done very impressively over the years, all eyes are on FAO brand to see what will come out if it.

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