The always winning Ellen DeGeneres Show

If there is a show that is transforming television and taking Emmy awards one after the other, it is Ellen DeGeneres Show. Popular as Ellen, the syndicated TV show has been transforming the essence of television shows through unique programming that features assorted viewing for viewers to enjoy.

Hosted by the Television comedian Ellen DeGeneres, on whom the show is named after, it is distributed by the Warner Bros television network. The main tenets of the show are interviews with celebrities, playing games with the public, music performances and comical monologues by Ellen. It has been running for seven seasons with the first recording done on September 8, 2003, while the seventh season was timed to premier on 8 September 2009.

This is after the show had scooped four daytime Emmy awards in the former season. It is an attribute that depicts the popularity of the show and public acceptance of the features that make the show the love of television. In its seven seasons, it has earned impeccable 29 Emmy Awards as it continues to tell viewers that it is here to stay and will continue being a leader in the precinct of TV talk shows. This is because it continues to blend humor, unequalled celebrity interviews and warmth, ingredients the general public are hardly having enough.

Since 2008 on September 6, Ellen DeGeneres show has been taped in high definition, as it coincidentally moved to Warner Bros Studios Stage 1, in Burbank California. This was after NBC had sold the property where the show was initially taped from. The show is much similar to other shows such as Oprah and has not lost the touch of combining celebrity, musical guests and stories of human interest.

After moving to Warner Bros Studios, DeGeneres has been utilizing the vastness and exoticness of the new surrounding with visits from top celebrities like Clint Eastwood, Julia Louis-Dreyfus and George Clooney. It has also featured such musical guests as No Doubt and avid comedian George Lopez in one of its spectacular show. With the novel seasons already hitting your TV, the Ellen DeGeneres Show is promising to go behind the production scenes and offer the viewers a creative and unprecedented look at the Studio in Hollywood.

In line with appreciating you as an audience, DeGeneres has perfected audience participatory games where many prizes are offered or awarded. The awards are worth a thousand dollars to each of the audience member in the studio as well as a number of lucky viewers at home.

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