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From the heart of Tennessee in Goodlettsville, the shopping marvel and small box retailer discount store dollar general store has risen to global eminence. It is a place where shopping for your everyday stuff for your everyday simple needs are catered for impeccably and devoid of any hassle. It offers an assortment of popular brands at very low prices in affordable, small and merry convenient stores. The dollar stores offer you name brands and distinct generic merchandise that includes good that are not branded and name-brand items of a closeout nature within the same store, mostly on the same shelf.

As much as they have the title ‘dollar’ on them, dollar magic store hardly is a dollar store literally, since you can find goods that have prices higher or lower than that. Nonetheless, most goods are often sold at points where the prices are set, sometimes penny items rising up to the level of fifty to sixty dollars, before you have even counted phone cards and gift cards for loadable stores.

Dollar general - Dollargeneral com serves distinct communities that are a bit smaller for such stores as Wal-Marts. It is in competition with such nation chains of dollar store formats as Dollar Tree and Family Dollar, as well as regional chains like Fred’s in the Nation’s southeast, as well as many independent personal stores.

A Dollar general store has the rank of a big retailer offering top quality brands that are made up of United State’s most trusted and famous manufacturers, like Kimberly Clark, Procter and Gamble, Unilever, Nabisco, General Mills and Kellogg’s. In recent past, dollar general has begun selling produces such as baked goods and meat in novel stores that have earned the title of ‘Super Dollar Generals’. This is now done in most former locations with supermarkets, as much as the idea is similar to that of Dollar General Market.

In a dollar general store, you are bound to find the services of a company that delights and embraces simplicity and unique substance. The mission of the stores is geared towards service. When things are kept real and simple, the customers are perfectly served with practical pleasure and delightful fashion. The convenient stores are built and run to deliver to its customer’s products at affordable prices that you make use of every passing day. It is a service that has defined the company for many years, as it aims at delivering easier and smarter shopping solutions that are accessible to most consumers.

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lilimeyers said...

I used to be employed with Dollar General as an assistant supervisor in Norco, La for three years before hurricane katrina. I enjoyed working for the company. Their prices are affordable for people on a fixed income. What I like about the Dollar General in Clarksville, Tn. is that as soon as you walk in the door, you are always acknowledge. The people in this store is very friendly and always there to assist you if needed. If it was not for my failing health, I would gladly work for this company again. Their prices beat most of the retailers in my area. I recommend every to visit Dollar General before you go any where else.

Nikkita said...

Going to Family Dollar is close and very resonably priced for all of my monthly needs. I buy my laundry needs, paper, envelopes, trash bags, make-up, shampoo and conditioner, house cleaners, gifts for others. The last gifts I bought was for a baby shower and the couple loved the gifts for their baby boy. In these times it prices are easy on the budget and I know I appreciate it.

Dee said...

I shop the Dollar General in Chanute KS and it is such a pleasure to shop there. Barbara the manager is so friendly and helpful. I know Dollar General is moving up the ladder by the number of new and BIGGER stores that they are replacing the original small ones with; Cherryville, Fredonia, Humboldt. Long live Dollar General!!

Anonymous said...

I love the Dollar General store. I can find almost anything I need at an affordable price. Everyone there are so friendly and always willing to help you find something.

dougiesgirl said...

I love the Dollar General store because it is so easy to get in and out with my handicapped Mother. They usually have everything that we use so we do not have to go to a bigger store. We just recently got a larger Dollar General store building and it is much more accessible than before. Thanks for looking out for FWB, FL.

Anonymous said...

I shop the Dollar General Store in Carrollton,MO.It is a much needed store here.My complaint is it's not stocked---alot of shelfs are empty--please help us here. Thank you.

Anonymous said...

Pearsall TX DOLLAR GENERAL . QUICK comment THe stores prices r great but this store just lost a lot of people for what they did to one of the best managers that store will ever have took care of business and all she needed to do in that store and worked her self hard to pick up that store. and that company got rid of her for her daughter being in the store and her leaving for lunch you got to be kidding. She cant live there but then again she did for the store and to make that store look the way it did. Now I think it been about 2weeks in a half and that store looks like a train went though it . The management needs alot of help I was a customer that was always in that store so thats how I know so much, Liz took care of her job but if the job doesnt take care of a great employee then ohnestly then I dont want to go there anymore. I would see her at night and then I would pass in morning and she was there . I would laugh and tell Liz I think you live here. And she would laugh with a great smile and say yes mam. I live in the office. She was my Childs coach in little league and she dedicated alot of time to that store. God Bless U LIZ and U deserve your job back because I want to go back and shop at a cleaner and more organized retail place. Please go back the store is just to blocks away and now I drive about 2miles to H-E-B and i dont want that. Please Please Go Back.