PCH - Publisher's Clearing House 56 Years Milestone Of Trustworthy Partnership

Having a friendship that lasts for over 56 years is one big achievement. When that friendship is a business partnership, then it is an even bigger achievement, knowing how business gets tricky sometimes. Publisher Clearing House have however proved that when relationships are based on integrity and virtue, all things are possible.

PCH - www pch com now boasts of fifty-six years partnership with The US Post Office. Thousands of PCH mailings arrive to many American homes via post and this has made it very convenient for most lovers of PCH deliveries, including sweepstakes. Besides that, PCH has had a relationship of trust with the American public for all these years. From the basement of Mertz household, the company made an insignia in the hearts of Americans.

PCH has been faithful in awarding huge prizes in all these years tallying at over $200 of cash prizes this far. When they added sweepstakes to the regular mailings, the unbeatable magazine values and an assortment of cool merchandise offers made families look forward to the PSC envelope, long before the online presence of the company was established

Publishers Clearing House has over the years maintained that trust value, variety, convenience and diligent service until the garage couldn’t hold it any more. Today,; the house runs business from a modern two-building complex at Port Washington, New York having delivered over ten billion mails to American households. These mails have consistently provided something exciting every time, including an opportunity to strike riches in sweepstakes. Rightly, PCH - pch com has been called, a house where dreams do come true.

The house has not just touched the hearts of sweepstakes winners in those years. The founders established a visionary generosity such that countless Americans have also shared in the phenomenal growth of the bsubeses. Through the Port Washington and even in the greater New York, PCH holdings have been given out to charity trusts and foundations. Even today, 40% of the company’s profits always goes to charities directly.

With half a century of friendship and partnership, PCH has kept faithful to ideals of integrity, both to the US Posy Office and toe the American public. Such is the strong foundation with which we can predict a continued friendship in the years ahead. One thing is for sure, for as long as guaranteed value, great convenience, diligent service and an opportunity to strike riches remain in style, PCH has a stake in the future. www pch com

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