Nabisco Crackers: The Taste Of Sweepstake Success - Nabisco Crackers - The Nabisco world welcomes you to the possibilities of sweepstakes success in a sure way that no other sweepstakes or contest ever will. The Magical Crackers Sweepstakes has thousands of amazing prizes on offer, such that your chances of winning are almost guaranteed. Every day thousands of Nabisco crackers fans have something to smile about, after furnishing their homes with a sweepstakes win.

The sweepstakes prizes are an assorted collection of electronics and computers. In any instant win sweepstakes with Nabisco crackers, you stand a chance of winning DVD players, flat panel televisions, electronics gift cards and many more. Thousands of these prizes (Grand, first, second, third and fourth) are won on a daily basis for upto 60 days in a single run.

You can send in your single entry daily for every person, household or email address offered in the entry form. To be eligible for the sweepstakes with Nabisco crackers, you need to have an access code. This assess code is only found specially marked on the packages of Wheat Thin crackers, Triscuit or Ritz. Alternatively, you can use the 10030119H or any single entry.

As long as you are over 18 years of age, you can fill in a sweepstakes entry form. Such forms are available in the Nabisco crackers home page or many other sweepstakes links. A single click on online search engines will give you numerous assess links. It is however important that you read, understand and concur with the sweepstakes rules, lest your entry be annulled. Check for instance to see the start and end dates of every run so that you do not send your entry late.

In a good example of a sweepstakes run, you might find a run featuring the grand prizes as 42-inch Flat-Panel Plasma HDTV. The first prize could be a DVD Home Entertainment System. The second prize could be a HD DVD Player. For the grand prize, first prize and second prize, there might be fifty-nine gifts being given out, one on a daily basis. The thirds prize might be a whooping 10,030 items given out at 170 units every single day and such might be electronics gift cards. Such is also offered for the fourth prize. This means that you can hardly fail to get something out of the single run of sweepstakes with Nabisco crackers.


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