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The Best Buy Company - is one of the renowned specialty retailer specializing in consumer electronics and operates throughout the US and Canada. Today, they account for nearly 19% share of the consumer electronics market of US and Canada. Best Buy also runs its operations in Mexico, China, Turkey and the UK.

The subsidiaries of the company are –
• Geek Squad
• Magnolia Audio/Video and
• Pacific Sales

In Canada this company operates with two labels, namely - the Best Buy and Future Shop. Jointly they operate over 1,150 stores within –

• the US
• Puerto Rico
• Canada
• China
• Mexico and
• Turkey

The corporate headquarters of this company is located in Richfield of Minnesota. One of the most notable thing about Best Buy Company ( that, it sells a wide variety of consumer electronics and related merchandise like –

• Computers
• Computer software
• Video games
• Music
• DVDs
• Blu-ray discs
• Mobile phones
• Digital camera
• Car stereos
• Video cameras

However, BestBuy store also sells home appliances like washing machines or dryers. This company also specializes in retailing refrigerators too. All these are sold in a rather non-commissioned manner. Each and every store includes a dedicated department to cater consumers with audio-visual accessories and equipment for many types of automobiles. A great thing about Best Buy Company is that, these dedicated departments also offer on-site installation facilities. And not to mention the Geek Squad "precinct" meant for computer repairing as well as warranty services. It also caters accidental or emergency service plans.

Best Buy takes pride on the unique fact that the sales people they employ are in no way on commission. A large number of their employees, mainly at their corporate level, have to abide by a special policy that requires ‘Results Only Work Environment’. As a corporate policy model, it is exceedingly being thoroughly integrated at all store levels.

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