- Kraftfoods Company

There is a lot to be said about Kraftfoods Company. One is that it is considered one of the second largest food and beverages company in the world. Kraftfoods company produces all kinds of foods for whatever time, whether breakfast, lunch, dinner or any other time. The company’s brands can be found in over 140 countries world wide. If you visit a Japanese grocery store you are assured of getting you favorite kraftsfoods product that you crave for while in America or France.

Kraftsfoods has two main operating companies Kraftfoods America (KFNA) and Kraftfoods International (KFI). It is the leading in the production of about 11 categories of foods. Under the food and beverage production unit, the company has a wide portfolio including fluid milk manufacturing, cheese manufacturing, cookies and crackers manufacturing, coffee and tea manufacturing, fruits and vegetable canning,, peanuts and roasted nuts manufacturing, soft drinks manufacturing, break fast cereals, manufacturing, dressings, mayonnaise and sauce manufacturing just to name but a few.

It is all these things about Kraftfoods Company that make the company loved. The company has several sub companies in several countries with countless distributors. Currently there are over 117,000 employees working for Kraftfoods Company all over the world. These dedicated lots are the ones responsible for bringing the world closer to its favorite foods. Although the company has grown to be a multi-billion business, it has not lost sight when it comes to quality.

Kraftfoods has been in existence for over 100 years, a time during which the company has strived to stay relevant. The company frequently restructures itself to incorporate new technology as well as ideas. During its growth and expansion, the company has absorbed other smaller companies with specialization in various food production units. This has enabled it meat the demand of its customers in terms of quality and delivery. To find out more about Kraftfoods Company, visit their website - at

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